Taking Care Of Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Since the pandemic has started just a year ago, more of us across the world have been working from home. Which is something that some of you have gotten used to already by now. But for others, it is still a huge adjustment.

There are a lot of things that we miss that we can no longer do unless you’re an essential business or worker.

The simple things like commute to work and being in an office like environment (where productivity is likely to be increased) are just the few of the simple things we miss being able to do.

There is a lot this pandemic has taken from us. What the pandemic can’t take from us is how we think and our attitude towards it.

It is extremely hard to think positive and to maintain a positive attitude all the time 24/7. And that is okay. You are allowed to have your bad days.

There are going to be days where you need a lie in bed, a coffee or two, a good cry. That’s okay to experience all of that. As long as you remember that, the most important thing is that we come back up stronger.

Looking after your mental health is number one priority for yourself. Or it should be, if it isn’t already. You cannot look after your kids, or be a carer to someone else, if you are not able to care for yourself first.

It may seem selfish. I know. You might be thinking, you can’t put yourself first. But if you don’t, leaving yourself to burn out to the point of exhaustion isn’t going to help nobody.

Here are a few simple tips on how to take care of yourself mentally (that won’t take up a lot of time):

  • Go for a run (30 – 45 minutes per day)
    Do home workouts (5-10 minutes per day)
  • Have a (30 minute) coffee date over facetime or video call with a friend or SO
  • Do yourself a bubble bath
  • Join an online social club that meet up on zoom every week
  • Treat yourself to a home spa day
  • Go on a walk every day (1hour)
  • Read a book (20 minutes)

The most important thing is, don’t overdo it, don’t push yourself too hard. You’re doing your best.

I hope this helps.