Paternity Fraud: Man Who Gifted Lover Designer Bags After She Gave Birth Laments

Paternity Fraud: Man Who Gifted Lover Designer Bags After She Gave Birth Laments

A renowned American entrepreneur, Ahmad Rashad, who bought expensive designer bags for his girlfriend after giving birth to a baby girl, has made a new shocking revelation which has left many in awe.

Rashad had in a tweet in July, 2020 shared photos of his girlfriend with expensive designer bags which he gifted her after she gave birth to the baby which was believed to be his.

The designer bags gift include Fendi, Louis Vuitton, which he said he got from Lenox Square, a shopping mall in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sharing the photos live from Northside Hospital Women’s Centre, the millionaire businessman wrote; “She Pushed My Baby Out So I Pushed My A** To Lenox.”

The tweet which went viral garnered over 300 thousand likes and over 50 thousand retweets with many users mostly women hailing him over the gifts.

Celebrating Christmas on December 25th, 2020, he shared a family picture with his supposed baby mama and the baby all wearing Burberry shirt.

However, things seem to have taken an unexpected turn as Rashad, in a follow-up update on Wednesday, 13 January, 2021 revealed that he discovered he might not be the biological father of the baby.

“Comes to find out this might not even be mine,” he wrote.

This new revelation has left users on the popular micro-blogging platform in shock with many wondering how his girlfriend could be cheating on him then pin the pregnancy on him.

Many others have urged the entrepreneur to quickly proceed with carrying out a DNA test on the baby to clear all doubts.

Rashad, however, is yet to give full details about the suspected paternity fraud or the circumstances which led to the shocking discovery.

But in another tweet, he wrote “that’s not even the craziest part”, suggesting that there could be more to the story.

Veteran TV journalist, Maury Povich has asked if Rashad needs his help to find out whether or not Rashad is the father of the said baby.

“Need my help?”, Povich wrote in reply to Rashad’s tweet.

Povich’s The Maury Show is popularly known for offering guests the chance to take DNA tests to prove or disprove paternity. It usually ends with guests breaking out in tears of joy or sorrow. Cheaters and out-of-control teens are also known to get featured on the show.

In May 2020, Rashad announced that he has become a house owner at the age of 22. Sharing photos of his new house, he also posed one of his expensive rides, Dodge Dart 392 SRT.

Other cars in his fleets include a Lamborghini, Hellcat, Porsche, a BMW M4 and a Bentley.

Rashad is a popular Atlanta-based entrepreneur who made his name from starting his first business with a $10,000 loan and turned this into millions in a short period of time.

Rashad is not only into trading as he also has residential listings on AirBnB.

He is the founder of Elite Credit Restorations, Million Dollar Mindset Promotions and Clear Vision Marketing Group.

In 2019, he made headlines on popular websites as the Next-Gen entrepreneur on rise.

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