The Transition Of Wrist Watch From Time-Telling To Body Accessory

“Sir, please, what is the time?”, a young boy asks a gentle man, pointing to his (the gentleman’s) wrist watch.

The good old gentleman rather than look looking at his wrist watch reaches for his phone, double taps and says “the time is 3.30 pm, boy”.

The above scenario is what we have in the world today. There is the transition of the wrist watch from a time-telling device to a mere body accessory. There are a lot of reasons to this new trend, some of which include fashion advancement, technological development and a host of others.


There is a new trend in the fashion in industry that a complete dressing style involves the presence of a wrist watch. The wrist watch is like the finishing touches to a dressing. There is the old adage “to dress for success”, and a true gentle man or well groomed a lady of success, is usually noted with a watch on his or her wrist. This is due to the fact that in this contemporary society, a wrist watch is an indicator of both style and substance rather than for time telling.

If an individual was to dress to demand respect, there is the need for the presence of writ watch. For men, a smart hair cut, a shoe shine, and a well tailored suit are perfectly complimented by the finishing touch of a handsome wrist watch that demands attention and respect. The same for women, the watch is now for a number of fashionable functions.

Also, watches make for a unique style. It is perfectly clear as the sun in the sky that watches can suit any type of style, from classic – modern wears to the traditional wears, a watch serves as a complimenting instrument.

With the new trends in fashion, wrist watches have taken more of aesthetic (relating to beautiful appearance) function. This is the reason people were a wrist watch, more for fashion than to tell the time.

To these effects, you find people wearing designers’ wrist watches that are not working any more. In such circumstances, the time telling function of the wrist watch is at sea, and some thing to be done with. This because of an alternative device for time telling, which is the smart phone. This is the second major reason.


There has been a shift in what technology entails globally. There are new trends in this aspect of society. What we had as technology in the past decade is not what we have now.

With the development of real smart phones (such as androids and iOS), wrist watches have been reduced to a “timeless” accessory, in every sense. This is due to the massive benefits associated with using a smart phone, of which time telling is part of. Why stress yourself with trying to decode the time from a wrist watch, when you could just double tap your phone.

This is obviously due to the fact that phones have become more personal devices than wrist watches over the years. I mean, one can forget his wrist watch but one rarely forgets his phone. This very feature alone has inculcated in persons the act of relying on their phone when it comes to time telling.

Furthermore, most phone brands have began to produce phone wrist watches. This point out to the very fact that the idea of wrist watch as a time telling device is not present in this new age.

Probably, another reason for the evolving of the wrist watch from a time telling device to body accessory due to technological advancement will be because as regards time telling phones are more reliable than a wrist watch. First off, phones possess mechanisms that automatically sets the time according to your current location, so one does not need to stress himself trying to reset his wrist watch to reflect the current time zone

Also, a wrist watch may just decide to stop working because of a battery failure. But a phone cannot be this unreliable. This has ensured a large number of people to stop relying on the wrist watch as a time telling device. The only need for the wrist watch is now for fashion: as the function of body accessory.


It has been an established that wrists and ankles, especially in ladies, are particularly the attractive areas because of their lines, and wearing wrist watch accentuates this already attractive areas and draws attention to the wrist. This in turn leads to eyes on the hand, which are incredibly expressive body parts.

Drawing the eye to the hand prompts focus on a more physical method of communication that demands attention. A well made watch feels nice on the delicate of a wrist and provides some thing substantial and stylish to touch or ogle as the situation demands.

Some persons feel “naked” at wrist without a wrist watch. This discovery proves the evolution of wrist watch from a time telling device to body accessory. It’s main purpose is for aesthetics. The higher the style of the watch, the higher the class. Thus, wrist watches are now produced in different fashion styles to reflect new trend.


It is without a doubt that in this new generation, the major of function of wrist watch in the past decade, which is time telling has been replaced with the function of body accessory and aesthetics, as established above.

Most professions recognize it as the only allowed jewelry. Also, it is only in rare occasions that Individuals use the wrist watch as a time telling device.

Whether it is because this generation has been tagged an “indomie” generation, a no stress generation (to decode analog wrist watch is stressful ), or it is the general appeal of wrist watch as an item of aesthetics, or a change in technology. What ever the reason is it just leads to the underlying fact that there is an evolution of wrist watch from a time telling device to body accessory.

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