Perfect Family Relationship

What’s Family?

I define family as the unison between two or more people that are related by birth or related by blood.

But in a wider context it’s also involve the unison of two or more people acting like one or legally become one by marriage, adoption etc

The reasons why I use the word “Unison” in the definition is that a person tagged as family can also be disowned. for instance.

  • If Mr A marry miss B it means that miss B has now become the family of Mr A
  • If Mrs B later divorce Mr A she is no longer a family of Mr A
  • If Mrs B have a kid for Mr A before the divorce, Mr A and the kid remain a family, Mrs B and the kid remain a family but Mr A and Mrs B are no longer a family
  • If Mr A now have another wife which become a step mom for his kid, the stepmother become a blended family to the kid.
  • And if a new wife of Mr A gave birth to another child, the child become a family to the previous kid born by Mrs B

The types of family such as;

i. Nuclear family: Consist of father, mother and children

ii. Blended family: family with mixed parents

iii. Monogamous family: marriage with one wife

iv. Polygamous/polyandry family: marriage with more than one wife or husband

v. Collateral relatives: consists of aunt, cousin, nephew etc

vi. Aggregate relatives: like mother in law, father in law etc

vii. Extended family: consists of grandfather, uncle, aunt, father, grand son etc

Are classified by the populous of the group of people in the family.

What’s perfect family relationship?

Perfect family relationship is a situation whereby there is;

Head of the family: someone that execute all plans

Common belief: every member of the family have the same belief but doesn’t mean that they should do things in common

Respect for individual: they must all understand Human Rights, Woman Rights and the Rights of the children

Trust: there mustn’t be fear of betraying, Revolting, killing etc in a family

Assign of different responsibility: the father must know his responsibility as a father and a mother must know her responsibility as a mother likewise all the members of the family

Understanding: understanding the situation of the family, and the needs and want of your husband or wife or children or sisters at every stage or a particular point in time and make the family a Paradise for the members of the family

Attention: paying attention to the complains, needs, and to understand individual for the growth of the family and caring for individuals feelings.

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