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Back To School: Things To Do For Your Ward’s Safety

Parents, teachers, and school administrators are delighted that it is a resumption. It’s excellent to hear also that the wards love returning to school. It is, however, necessary for everyone to remain happy while also keeping the children safe.

To ensure the safety of the children who just resumed, we have compiled a list of guidelines for stakeholders in the education sector to help the young champs stay safe.

Knowing the basic contact information of the pupils in case of emergency

All children should know their names, parents’ names, phone numbers, and other essential information in emergencies.

It is advisable for the school also to know the medical history of the children.

As the academic year begins, schools should urge parents to report to the school about each child’s medical history, significantly when such health conditions might affect their participation in some school activities or when they are infectious diseases.

Such medical issues should, however, be kept private.

Have a safety plan

All the school stakeholders should map a safety plan for the child. Such policies need to be reviewed regularly, especially when a new facility is installed in the school or as the population grows within the academic year. All parties should diligently follow these safety procedures.

Be Vigilant

All staff should be vigilant. There is a need to assign an official to monitor the children on the playground or any other co-curricular activity.

Seek The Service Of a Safety Expert

The school should appoint someone who possesses a valid safety and first aid certificate to react in case of an emergency. Nonetheless, all staff and students should be taught basic first aid and protection of appropriate competence levels.

Prepare for emergencies

There should be contingency measures and appropriate arrangements for emergencies like adverse weather conditions, disasters, and crises, with well-spelled procedures and evacuation routes.

Show The Layout Plan Of the School

The layout plan showing emergency exits, the first aid room, the parking space for emergency vehicles, the firewall, the muster (fire assembly) point, and other necessities, safe havens school, should be made known to all, with charts placed at strategic locations in the premises.

Regularly inspect facilities

There is also a need for a thorough and regular inspection of children’s items, including the school’s materials, equipment, and facilities.

Faulty or unsafe school facilities should be removed from within the school. Also, dangerous items like drugs, matches, petrochemicals, guns, knives, blades, harsh chemicals, cigarettes, fireworks, and lighters should be banned. These rules should also punish defaulters.

Bar Illicit Behavior

Destructive behaviors like stealing, bullying, discrimination, and bullying of any kind should be prohibited among the students in the school.

Display Signage

The school should make signage like bulletin boards handy wherever needed to indicate each room/hall’s designation and dangerous locations within the school premises. Besides, the signage may include safety procedures, emergency numbers, and procedures.

Keep students away from hazardous equipment.

Students should not use hazardous equipment such as laboratory apparatus, technical workshop tools, paints, fire, and gas cylinders. If unavoidable, supervise students when they are employing such.

Ensure proper housekeeping

Ensure that all tools, furniture, and raw materials are always kept in safe places, secure from unnecessary access such that there is more space for other things and easy movement. Doing this is necessary for the students’ safety considering that they love to play in even unthinkable places and with anything. As earlier said, unsafe areas should be under lock.

Emphasize hygiene

The school should advocate the need for the hygiene of everyone.

The type of food sold and the cleanliness of the vendors need to be scrutinized.

All classrooms, hostels, restrooms, and the whole school should be sanitized.

Handwashing with appropriate antiseptics is also paramount as it also stems from the spread of germs.

Protect staff welfare

School employees’ welfare should not be neglected because they tend to vent their anger on the children.

Encourage counseling

At least one competent counselor should help reduce both school staff and children’s stress and worries.

Children should be endeared to approach an adult if they have some worries about their studies, family, and daily lives.