Five Reasons Why You Should Love Reading And Writing

I’ve been reading books and writing little stories all throughout my life. Growing up, I had a huge collection of books and called it my library (I even made my own pretend book-borrowing/cataloguing system haha). However life got really busy for a number of years and I basically stopped reading and writing completely.

Despite my reading and writing hiatus, I was still constantly thinking creatively and very much enjoyed the idea of books and writing. One day, a story idea popped into my head; an analogy for something I was struggling to understand.

Eventually, I decided to turn that idea into a full blown fiction novel and have been working on it ever since October 2020! I’m calling it Project Reaching Arenegedden for now (more on this another day!). Along the way, I began reading books again and it reminded me of how much I loved the reading world. Reading and writing book reviews is now a big part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If I could go back in time to those busy years, I would tell myself to keep reading and writing no matter what! If that’s where you are right now, here are 5 reasons to love reading and writing. Don’t ever stop!

i. It transports you away from this world: Reading lets you exist in multiple realities. The best books are the ones that whisk you away to a different place.

Whether it be a far off island, a mystical forest, an old-school castle, or a vibrant city. You can explore different worlds right from the comfort of your couch. I love the feeling where I’m still thinking of certain fiction worlds even after the book is done. (That’s usually when I start looking online for fan art. Anyone else?)

ii. You get to decide the amount you do: Some people get overwhelmed with reading and writing because they think they need to carve out large chunks of time to do it. In reality, you just have to fit it in your busy schedule. I’m reading so much more these days but I’m just as busy as usual.

Chapter breaks exist for a reason and if you only read one chapter a day, that’s fine! Even half a chapter works. What matters is that you’re moving through the book. Same with writing! If I only wrote when I had time, I would never be able to write.

Try to sit down and write a small scene here and there. Eventually, you’ll have written an entire chapter.

iii. It’s a great creative outlet: If you’re a creative person like me, I can’t go too long without doing something creative. It literally feels like I need to find a way to release the juices. Sometimes I like to draw but I find that reading and writing help me do this best!

Reading helps get my creative juices flowing, my gears turning and usually makes me want to write. And then writing. There’s something really therapeutic about writing – you’re manifesting yourself in some way into an original story and it’s so satisfying to be able to work on something that you have created all on your own.

iv. It gives you something to look forward to: Whether it’s my current WIP or my current read(s), I look forward to certain times of the day so I can work on them. Usually lunchtime is when I’ll do some reading and after work I try to get some words down in my WIP. Your reading and writing times don’t need to be scheduled or regular – mine aren’t always. They can be sporadic during the day or structured to the tee. Sometimes I find myself reading while brushing my teeth, but I’ve also started looking forward to the evening as I always try to do a little bit of reading before I sleep.

v. It’s an effective way to wind down: It’s comforting to know that there’s a book waiting for me to read at the end of a long day, a different world to enter, a way to temporarily escape the confines of your home (this is huge especially during the pandemic!).

As a high school teacher, sometimes I have to plan lessons and mark student work right up until it’s time for me to sleep. It can be hard to sleep right after doing vigorous brain work so reading is a good way to help your brain calm down and relax so you can eventually fall asleep.

Which one of these reasons resonate with you the most? Comment your ideas below and I’d love to connect with each of you.